Back Again After Leaving And After Coming Back

Thanks to all of the followers of this this site, which is focused on the unique writings in print form from a mysterious entity which is me,  and I shall be slowly revealing a little more about me and some efforts underway as a writer, performer, and seeker of humor.  The more details may be necessary as I am doing a little more performing and research into the arts and sciences of humor.

I was back briefly, and then left for a long time, and now I am back again.  I have been doing considerable work with the Humor Activity Club and their various social media sites.   One of the sites is on WordPress at this link; and another is on Facebook on this link; and there are many more on various other social media sites, and websites.

Many different things to consider, plan for, and think about, and write about.    But, what can I do, or you do, or we do?    Can we take actions for what we believe, or what we think?

Different Frog


I’m Back After Long Hiatus

Hi, how are you?  What is new?  What is old but precious?   How is it hanging?  How is lifting?   What is on your mind?   What is under your mind?

Curious Questions to raise to yourself and others when you been gone for a very long time, as shown above.   Of course there can be many more.  What is important in your life right now?  Did I forget anything from our last meeting?      Who are you seeing?  What are you planning?   Where are you going?   Where are we right now?   How are we getting any value out of this present encounter?   When is this fantastic conversation going to end?   What shall we remember from this present time?

Sorry for the long hiatus, but been busy helping produce some shows, doing some performing, new research, and also helping form the new Humor Activity Club. , which has several projects and websites underway.

You may be asking to me, “what is new with you?”.   To which I say, various things, and also various changes and adjustments to old things.   Selective Vagueness and brevity are some new virtues I am promoting.

There is so much to discuss and share.   One step at at time, and we really should consider regular “show and tell” sessions in our regular life.  Anyway, I shall follow up with some more posts hopefully soon.

What is on your mind?  Please post below.   Chow for now!

Older Man With Points and Lines

Inventions for Humor Enhancements – 1

In this serious aspect of enhancements for everyday life from trying to enhance one’s mood, to body, to facial looks, and so on, why not talk about “humor enhancements”?

How would you like to enhance your natural humor?   Possibly would you like a more obvious bulging humor, or subtly refined humor?     To help address this issue, there shall be a focus of inventions for humor enhancements, which are either directly, or indirectly related, and it is going to be a periodical topic on this blog channel.

What sort of “humor enhancements” would you like to see, or hear, or feel, or other type of sensation?    What would you like for yourself to enhance your ability to either appreciate humor, or to share humor, or to perform humor?

Here is one indirect aspect of humor enhancement at least in theory, is to improve the overall “mind functioning”, or “intelligence factors” within a person.  These involve things like memory, making connections, language skills, abstract reasoning, creativity, and so on.  And, the ways to improve these collectively, and viewed together for analysis, can be called simply, “mind flow enhancement”, which in turn helps “humor enhancement”.    Basically, what often can help increase the flow of good thoughts can likely help humor.    For example, this could help the overall connectivity of ideas, irony points, and creative notions, which in turn help humor, at least in theory.  This may also depend on whether one uses his or her intelligence for goodness, or evil, or building one’s ego, or being generally laid back, so not all efforts to increase functioning of the mind, or of intelligence may result in positive humor.

Inventions Examples for “Mind Flow Enhancements” Indirect “Humor Enhancements”:

  •  Nootropics Carry Along Beverage Mix Bar (pending invention – (C) March 3, 2017 by E. Ogilvie & Humor Inspire – All Rights Reserved ) :  Basically this can make it easier to make beverages focused on nootropics for you, or your quests or a party.     Nootropics are any type of “safe” substances that support brain function and promote mental performance, and they are Sometimes refereed to as smart drugs, or cognitive enhancers, or other names. More details on Nootropics are from this link by Thrivous.
  • Rose Colored Glasses, or your Favorite Color Glasses:  These can  help put some unusual color in your vision, and in turn unblock some boring thoughts in your mind, and thereby increasing overall thought flow.
  • Word Cards – Phrase Cards – Concept Picture Dice :   These can be arranged anyway to build new stories, or share different views on new ideas or new story lines.  They come in variety of ways, and can be played in different methods.  For example, there can be a set of dice with pictures in which each person is challenged to come up with a new story idea from what is rolled or displayed.   Another example are words or phrases put on cards or sometimes flat magnets which can be arranged and left in place for a while to think about a new ideas, or to quickly share written ideas in a casual setting.


What do you think?    What type of inventions do think help create positive “mind flow enhancement”, or help to enhance humor?

(C) March 3, 2017 by E. Ogilvie & Humor Inspire – All Rights Reserved 

So Much To Do & So Little Attention

Have you noticed there is so much to do, but an increasing feeling there is not enough time or not enough attention?     If you said yes, then thank for paying enough attention to the question.    But, what can we, or you, or anyone do about this dilemma?   Is this simply attention deficit issues?    And what does this have to do with humor, or inspiration?

First, maybe we should give this problem a cool name, such as perhaps, “Very Stressed”, or “Overwhelmed”, or “Much Do – Time Attention Loss Dilemma” (MD-TALD)?   For now, let us call it, MD-TALD, to give it some uniqueness and scientific flair.  Maybe another name shall be made later, but at least the unique name helps put it into context.

From encountering this dilemma, I think that we can agree that most adults have seen others get very anxious, and even very upset, while some others seem to deal sort of well with MD-TALD, even if things could be better.  In any case, the overall problem seems to be addressed in society by various reoccurring advice, little gimmicks, many different types of professional advice, books, and maybe secret methods, and even entire psychology subjects on this issue.   There are also various holistic approaches that try to address this issue with a combination of other things, that are often generally called something like “Work-Life Balance”, “Holistic Healing”, or “Mind-Body-Spirit Focus”.   But, do we really have the necessary logistics or time for those ideas?   Or do we even have the necessary calmness to remember all of the various lessons from those things?

What if things in one’s life are very hectic and dangerously pressured over urgent issues like frequent poverty, or love lost, or being falsely accused, or hardly anyone laughing, or frequent theft of things, pets, or people taken away?    That could put someone in a state of feeling like so much to do but not enough time, even if they normally have a balanced life, or have good support logistics.   Therefore, the mere situation of a person can greatly change the dynamics of this dilemma, we tentatively call, MD-TALD.     So,  is there a more effective solution, or easier solution?

Now, is there a possibly a way in which humor can help in the overall problem?      Like, is there even a possible small point of “humor logic”, or an inspirational message, that could help get us to a small step toward helping this dilemma, MD-TALD?

That is all folks, and I have to be going, since there is so much to do, and not enough time, or maybe not enough attention, since there are many tasks, and also an indication of someone, or something pressuring me to the next “thing” to do, or to think, or to say, or to quietly stare in bewilderment.


Pleasant Life Under Fire – What Offends You?

Oh, how great a “wonderful pleasant life” can be and is something most of us are likely striving to obtain, and generally sustain for as long as possible.   But, there can be offending things, words, and emotions that intrude on any pleasantry.   Some of this may be natural, like the offending scents occurring from a farm, or the offense of working hard for too long.   However, certain types of offensives seem deliberate, or need much more management to keep under control.    But, there is also the “relativity factor” of offending others, or in offending you, in which basically, it is a concept relative to either a person’s attitude, or beliefs, or state of mind, or state of circumstances, to which that person may, or may not be offended.  The offensive can be in the eye of the beholder, or to one who is offended, or not.   At least that seems like a plausible theory, unless you are offended by such logic or comparison.

In a very interesting demonstration of how one can be offended about most anything, is in a video by the Ultra-Spiritualist, J.P. Spears, which is here,  How To Get Offended – Ultra Spiritual Life, episode 52 .   To show how that I was very offended by this  video, I replied to his social media as shown below.

( To JP Spears, Ultra-Spiritualist)::   I’m offended that you would tell me how to be offended, and that you presume that I do not know how to be offended. Do you not get enough hugs in your life? You offend me so much, I feel the “after offending vibrations” which are impacting my entire life. If some people actually care about you, they should put together an “intervention” of anti-offending addicting behavior for you. —- Wow, I am so offended, that I feel compelled to talk about it for a very long time. At least you indirectly and carelessly helped my lazy problem of NOT talking about the serious problems caused by others like you.    Hopefully, you shall change your ways.

The whole aspect of trying to live a pleasant life and to avoid being offended, while also trying to avoid offending others seems to be a continuous challenge.  Even thinking and worrying about such things seems to be a natural form of offending thoughts and an overall distraction.   But, perhaps that makes the reward of a pleasant state of life, and some humor along the way, even more rewarding when you can actually experience it, and not have to worry about being offended, nor about offending anyone else.

Well, hopefully we learned something from this very important post.    What do you think?

(C) Feb. 25, 2017 by Humor Inspire & E. Ogilvie –  All Rights Reserved

Seeking Truth & Humor Despite The Propoganda

Oh what a complicated world that this planet, Earth, can be.    There are so many forms of politics, view points, personal agendas, and ideologies.    How does one find humor in such a situation, without getting somewhat discouraged or jaded, or worse on the verge of giving up?      Sometimes in a person’s life, there are obvious examples to this struggle, and other times it is not so obvious.

A real world example of where there are many issues about various hidden agendas, propaganda, social pressures, economics and claims of truth, is from the study of North Korea.  This is a stark example, at least within the year 2016, and even now, about a harsh reminder of how difficult it can be to find humor or truth.

How do the people of North Korea find humor or truth?   And, from what they are even aware can they be reminded of humor or the actual truth?   Likewise,  how do those who are looking into that country, and from what they are aware of, find humor, or find truth?    Well, even though the answer may seem obvious, or may be elusive, there are some great points to consider about how propaganda can affect your views.     An example of these points is from a person who recently did a video documentary on North Korea, and a link for the video is here. (The Propaganda in North Korea Documentary = 2016 Mirror) (accessed Feb. 24, 2017)  The very interesting quotes from this video are shown below, and they perhaps, can allow others to relate in how many of us, on this planet, in the seeking for either truth or humor, despite the unusual challenges and fog of lies.  And, some interesting comments are made, just after the narrator, states some key points, in which a young girl gives her own very few good points.  In her words, she helps reveal the bigger picture, and perhaps some clues on the continuous effort in seeking of humor or truth in difficult situations.

  ”  …  Propaganda serves as a diversion from the truth.  We are all victims of  propaganda.   Governments and the Media are constantly submitting us to manipulation, and the only tool we have against it is information.        —   But the truth is,  ….?   It’s hard to tell what is the truth, and I don’t think we’ll ever know.  But whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, we are all part of the game.    ”   (times of 1:30:04 to 1:30:35 on video)      

  {Then a young girl talks in the video.}   ”  North Korea is indescribable.   No humans deserve to be oppressed just because of their birthplace.   We need to focus less on the regime and more on the people who are being forgotten.   One Young World, we are the ones who will make them visible. ”   (times of 1:30:40 to 1:31:05 on video)  

Perhaps, there is an important lesson in this example for seeking either humor or the truth, despite the challenges.    And these challenges can come in many different forms and arrive before anyone in different ways.    Perhaps, the focus of “North Korea” can be a metaphor, and be like either any challenge, or any unique situation that one of us, or a few of us, or many of us may face.   And perhaps the “regime” can be another metaphor of  a huge challenge, or our limitations, or a false belief, or a barrier that is holding any one of us back from finding truth or humor.  Then possibly, the term, “One Young World“, can be a metaphor of a new way of thinking, or a new beginning, or in starting again with new information, or new support.   Once there is an awaking present, then we can more easily find the humor or the truth, or both.

As long as we do not forget what it is like to find humor, or to find the truth, then we can keep searching for it.     But, if we forget what they are, or even what they look like, then how can we find them, or even something that may be similar to humor, or to truth?

In the long run there are various questions to continuously think about.  What can either you, or we together, or for any one of us, actually do, or think in order to more easily look for humor, or the truth?    And how do we remind ourselves to keep looking, despite any challenge, or despite the propaganda that often occurs in life?

(C) Feb. 24, 2017 by Humor Inspire & E. Ogilvie – All Rights Reserved.